As our parents age, their health will decline and we’ll have to make decisions about their care. While we expect to have to make sure their medical needs are met, a decline in physical or cognitive health may also require daily care. The first response is often to consider nursing homes, but an assisted living facility isn’t the only option. For many families, elderly home care services provide a more desirable choice.


Seniors rarely embrace the idea of moving into an assisted living facility and they don’t like leaving the familiar surroundings of their home. This is just one reason they tend to feel anxious or depressed in a nursing home. Non-medical home care provides similar services, while allowing the senior to continue living at home. This creates a better situation for the whole family.


A non-medical home care aide provides the supervision and companionship your elderly loved one needs. When you can’t be there, you can ensure your senior parent is safe and in the company of a trusted professional. This is often enough to protect the senior from injuring themselves or failing to take good care of themselves. The aide can also help the senior feel more loved, since there will always be someone there to provide conversation and socialization.


Depending on the level of care provided, your elderly parent can also receive assistance with daily care habits. The aide can assist with bathing and other grooming concerns, ensuring the senior is wearing clean clothes. In addition to helping with hygiene, the aide may also prepare meals to ensure the senior is eating a nutritious diet. The aide will also help your elderly loved one take medication on time.


A home care service will help you keep your elderly parent at home, where he or she feels more comfortable. While you’re at work or attending to other familial obligations, you can feel comforted that your loved one is in good, professional hands. Since home care is less expensive than full-time nursing home occupancy, your family can save money on the cost of care as well.

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